Will Trade Pushups for Food

Sgt Push Up

I met Sergeant Push Up at the grand opening of  Earth Treks in Hampden, which is a neighborhood in Baltimore, MD. Sgt. Pushup is an Army Veteran who continues his service to his country through pushups. For every dollar donation he receives he does a pushup. Every dollar is donated to the either the Maryland Food Bank where it is turned into 3 meals – or to the No Kid Hungry campaign. Sometimes people do push ups with him & their push ups get counted, too. With all the push ups counted together, Sgt. Push Up has completed almost 500,000 push-ups which has equaled 50,000 meals!

Here’s what I love about this: Sgt. Push Up wanted to continue serving others in a way that mattered to him after his last tour of duty & so created this persona & this cause. He then stuck to his plan & is feeding hungry kids & raising awareness of hunger in America. I don’t know anything about the person & I cannot endorse him. I can only tell you that his mission, & his commitment to it, filled me with encouragement & hope.


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