What is food on the floor?


Anyone else have this happen to them? You make dinner for your family & it is just about ready to serve. At exactly the same time the light you need for your food pic is fading. There in the garden is the elusive glow of golden hour that you have heard about, but it really was 5 minutes ago & the shadows are growing. You grab a plate of food to snap 17 or 18 quick pics of it to edit & post later, & apologize to everyone that their food is getting cold. You join everyone at the table wondering if you got “the shot”.

When that happened a year or two ago (well before I thought that I’d start this blog), my daughter or my husband or someone said, “Hang on a minute. She’s doing her food on the floor thing”. So busted! It was totally true. I took the food I just made for my family & put it on the kitchen floor.

I take my food pictures in one of two places – either the kitchen floor or outside on the back patio. They both have large, irregular field stones – inside has lovely sunlight dappling on the floor just inside the sliding doors that lead to the garden; outside has large stones littered with moss, leaves, water, acorns, twigs…

Food on the floor has become our family’s way of saying that I am taking that pic, thinking about becoming a foodie with an Instagram account, wondering if anyone else out there likes my food, my recipes, my creativity. Food on the floor means give Ema a minute. Food on the floor means we share what we have in our home with people we don’t yet know. Food on the floor now stands in for all those words that mean I think I am on to something here.

In Do What Ema Says the Food On The Floor section is the recipe section. You will find pictures, recipes & my stories about how I made what I made. I’m not a professional photographer nor am I a chef; Food on the floor is me showing you what I’ve got while keeping it real. Let’s be real, lovelies. I think what I am making is good enough to share with you & I hope you will treat me gently as I explore the whats & hows of the food I make…& put on the floor…



Ema (Eeeeee-Mah, sometimes written Imma) is Hebrew for Mom. 100's of people call Eve Ema and it warms her heart.

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