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Just Strong Brand Ambassador!

*ANNOUNCEMENT*I am a strong woman who encourages other women to recognize their strength. Because I remind you all that you are already enough, lovelies, (YES, YOU ARE!) I have been selected to be a Brand Ambassador for Just Strong. I’m really honored! Starting today, I’ll be a part of this massive brand “designed to empower and […]

Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Food is My Love Language

My love language is food. I make lots of foods that I barely eat. It’s not that I’m on any specific diet, it’s that I get way more pleasure from making foods, like this Pumpkin Bundt Cake, than I do from eating it.  That’s what I’ve come to find out about myself – I like […]

Sgt Push Up

Will Trade Pushups for Food

I met Sergeant Push Up at the grand opening of  Earth Treks in Hampden, which is a neighborhood in Baltimore, MD. Sgt. Pushup is an Army Veteran who continues his service to his country through pushups. For every dollar donation he receives he does a pushup. Every dollar is donated to the either the Maryland Food […]

Warm Kitchen, warm heart


I’m so glad that you are here! I have created this website to be as kind and welcoming as the warmth of my kitchen. And now I’m opening my kitchen up to you. Do What Ema Says is a Food Blog written for chefs and home cooks with a discriminating palate and sensible budget. I […]

Breakfast & Butter

I talk to myself about butter

Skip the flowers; bring me butter. That’s what I heard myself say, talking out loud in the kitchen while I was making breakfast. I was frying eggs & spinach & I pulled out the good butter from the fridge. Not the regular unsalted, supermarket, stick butter that I use for cooking, but the good stuff. […]


You Matter Bags

Somethings in each day are beyond our control. When I am feeling a lack of control in my life, like I am waiting for something to happen & it hasn’t yet, or I’ve been turned down for something & it hurts,  I make bags of snacks & hygiene stuff for people I meet at Baltimore’s […]

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