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Cumin Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Cumin Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are pure comfort. I love they way they smell when roasting & I love the way they taste warm or cold. I serve Cumin Roasted Sweet Potatoes as part of a multi salad lunch or dinner; great for Buddha Bowls or as a side dish. Typically I serve them with zucchini, eggplant, onions, maybe a Tahini Sauce (like my Maple Tahini Dressing) & a grain like Couscous, Quinoa or Rice. Feel free to play with what you like, lovelies! They are also amazing in salads. Have you tried them with eggs for breakfast?!?!


Cumin Roasted Sweet Potatoes


3 lbs of Sweet Potatoes, washed & diced (4-5 medium sized)

Coconut Oil or Canola Oil

1 Tablespoon Cumin

1/2 Teaspoon Sea Salt

1/4 Teaspoon Chili (optional)



Preheat oven to 425.


Spread diced Sweet Potatoes on a cookie tray, pour oil over top & hand rub to coat Sweet Potatoes & tray.


Add Cumin, Sea Salt & Chili (if desired) & hand toss again to combine. Note: Cinnamon is a perfectly fine substitution for Chili.


Roast until golden, about 35 minutes. Stir a few times during cooking to prevent burning.


Taste & add additional Cumin, Salt &/or Chili. Ta Da! You’re Done!


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