What is Fill Yer Fridge?


There are recipes that come & go based on seasonality, your family’s preferences & your pantry. I’ll be posting those each week and you will find those recipes in the Food On The Floor section. Then there are also not-so-basic basics that I recommend having in your fridge most of the time. These basics, such as my Maple Tahini Dressing, are yummy add-ons when you roast meats, veggies, & grains. They are especially useful to have on-hand so that making a Buddha Bowl with left-overs can be put together quickly & not require you to make special sauces.

I re-use glass jars for my pickles, sauces & dressings.  If you don’t already have some Ball canning jars I highly recommend ordering some today 


Curious about my recommends on what to Fill Yer Fridge with?  Click on the Fill Yer Fridge header to see the recipes for these sauces, dressings & pickles.  I’ll be adding to this section from time to time with more great recipes.


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