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Dilly Green Beans

Dilly Green Beans

Lots of meals start with Salatim in our home; small salads like baba ganoush, hummus, veggies & dip, & pickles.  I quick pickle different veggies as the mood hits &, as is often the case, based on what looks good at a market. You can find my Daikon Radish Quick Pickle recipe on The Feed […]

Truffles to be given away

Chocolate Truffles to be Given Away

When I hear of boxes of Rum Truffles dusted in Wilbur Cocoa & Peppermint Truffles rolled in crushed Andes Mint Cremés, I don’t image biting into one and getting that rush of chocolate-laced endorphins. I think holiday gifts in cute tins for the neighbors, the co-workers, the teachers. Confession time, my friends: I don’t like […]

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