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Mexican Street Corn Salad

Mexican Street Corn Salad

I love summer food. I love Israeli salads, roasted summer veggies, lush squash & tomatoes fresh off the vine, grilled asparagus, and of course, corn. Elotes, or Mexican Street Corn, is a wonderful way to get lots of flavors & cheese in every bit of corn. This Mexican Street Corn is my take on that experience, without all the goopy mayo. Grilled mild peppers, hot peppers & corn get stirred into tomatoes, green onions, Cotija cheese, Israeli Couscous & a healthy mix of spices & herbs.

Big bowl of Mexican Street Corn Salad

If you aren’t already eating Cotija this summer, this is a good recipe to try it out some seriously yummy, crumbly cheese.

Mexican Street Corn Salad


5 Ears of corn

2 mild Peppers, any color

3 Jalapeños

2 Hatch Green Chilis, if you have them

3 Green Onions, sliced

1 package Cherry Tomatoes, halved

Olive Oil

Butter (if you want to spread it on the corn after grilling & you know I want that)

1/4 Cup fresh Cilantro

1/4 Cup fresh Basil

3 Teaspoons Smoked Paprika

1 Teaspoon Chili Powder

1/4 Teaspoon Sea Salt

1 Lime, juiced

As much Cotija cheese as you have (or about 6 oz)

1 Cup Israeli (Pearl) Couscous



Grill ears of Corn, Jalapeños, Red Peppers & Hatch Green Chilis if you have them until they are a bit charred. Set to rest. Feel free to smear Olive Oil & or Butter on them to cook & as they cool, especially Butter on the Corn.

Note: Note: I have an indoor propane stove that I put a cast iron grill on top of. Other people use their grills.


Cook Israeli Couscous (1.5 cups of water to 1 cup Israeli Couscous, cover when boiling and cook for 8 minutes or so).


Slice Corn kernels off cobs, slice Pepper into small rectangles, chop Jalapeños, discarding the seeds. Same with Hatch if you have them.


Combine Lime juice, spices, & fresh herbs with a few tablespoons of Olive Oil (reserving some Cilantro & Basil to garnish) in bowl or jar. Shake or whisk. I whisk directly in my serving bowl.


Add all ingredients into a bowl & toss.


Taste. Add more heat &/or Lime if you want.


Top with Cotija, garnish with herbs & serve.


Ta Da! You’re Done!


Ema (Eeeeee-Mah, sometimes written Imma) is Hebrew for Mom. 100's of people call Eve Ema and it warms her heart.

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