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Turmeric Lemon Dill Aioli Chicken Thighs

Turmeric Lemon Dill Aioli Chicken Thighs

I have a ton of fresh Turmeric in my fridge. Each morning my handsome husband & I drink a Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar hot drink that has fresh Turmeric in it. We love the way it helps rehydrate after sleeping, how it sets our metabolisms for the day, & how it helps with all those […]

Window, Jerusalem


Tzatziki doesn’t stay in my fridge for long. I make it & it’s all eaten up in about 48 hours. It may be because it dresses up chicken, fish, salad, grains really well. Or just because it has the right balance of yogurt & lemon with that fresh dill flavor popping up bright & clear […]

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